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The Strong Foundation Approach: Early Engagement With an Expert Leads to Increased Success

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Construction managers have always proven a vital resource for food and beverage manufacturers launching CAPEX projects. A competent construction manager (CM) drives collaboration with all stakeholders, and throughout every project phase, to reduce risk while elevating final results, making them essential in any market climate. The recent global pandemic has further increased the importance of leveraging a construction manager during construction. In a year when many industries have faced uncertainty and downturn, the food and beverage industry has thrived, experiencing rampant revenue upswings across virtually every vertical.

The Critical Beginning Phases of CAPEX Projects

You never have to recover from a good start. To ensure the best project launch and execution, manufacturers should bring CMs into the process as soon as possible. As the food and beverage industry continues to see growth and expansion, construction managers are even more crucial to oversee capital expenditure initiatives amid the current elevated consumer demand. Engaging with a construction manager early in the planning builds a strong foundation to the initiative, delivering several distinctive benefits:

Daily Alignment

Most CAPEX projects involve multiple moving parts. However, most facilities don’t realize they need to develop a plan for effective space sharing of so many stakeholders and resources. Throughout the project, your chosen construction manager will conduct a daily coordination meeting with all contractors and key personnel to ensure that essential players aren’t encroaching on others (and each other) and have whatever is needed for success.

Coordination of all the Players

Food and beverage CAPEX initiatives typically involve large amounts of contractors consistently throughout the build, requiring a highly detailed schedule of when specific contractors should be on-premise on any given day. A skilled CM will have the experience and insight needed to stagger arrival times to keep the project running smoothly and on plan.

Around-the-Clock Construction

Most importantly, working with a construction manager early in the planning process enables the CM to develop a 24-hour build schedule if necessary. Adopting an around-the-clock construction plan allows for three full standard days of work every 24 hours, accelerating deadlines to expedite final project completion.


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