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Top Ways Your CM Adds Value To Your CAPEX Project

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Working with a construction manager (CM) on a CAPEX initiative offers a collaborative contract model that boosts efficiency, productivity, and transparency throughout the engagement. Operating as an ex

tension of the plant engineer's staff, a construction manager advocates for the building owner, helping to oversee contracted workers.

On the job site, the CM serves as a second set of eyes to ensure contractors stay on track, properly execute on build scope, and follow both safety rules as well as plant regulations.

Many companies moving forward with a CAPEX project don't realize that an experienced construction manager offers far more than watching contractors do their work.

Here are five ways a CM offers value that extends beyond construction:

Site Coordination and Logistics

Site coordination and logistics require managing all the details needed before construction begins. Every impact region of the building needs to have the right working conditions ahead of time. A CM looks at the logistical challenges the project will present in terms of proximity to the facility and develop a plan to resolve these issues prior to launch, including aligning resources and establishing a laydown area. Most importantly, the CM will develop an escalation plan between the team.

Information Dissemination

Communication is vital throughout any CAPEX build. The project's construction manager will prioritize information dissemination throughout every phase. Construction managers coordinate daily meetings with stakeholders, tracking meeting minutes for future review as well as run end-of-day reports. Additionally, your construction manager will share all the details with contractors, so they are aware of all expectations and possible changes. The CM will also communicate with end-users so they are aware of what contractors will be doing, what they've accomplished, and any unexpected challenges.

Oversee Client-Specific Requirements

As an owner representative, the construction manager knows your specific requirements as well as what can and can not be done within the facility’s critical works areas (CWA) where specific construction activities are forbidden. The CM pays careful attention to areas with combustible dust, volatile compounds, ammonia, or confined spaces, outlining industry-wide means and methods to ensure compliance beyond normal construction.

Additional Perspective and Expertise

An experienced construction manager will have worked for several businesses across multiple industries, bringing an elevated level of understanding to the project. Your chosen provider will be able to offer insight that stakeholders aren't aware of, such as changing FDA and OSHA standards. Additionally, a qualified CM will be able to share best practices established within the industry and identified by other clients.


Best of all, partnering with a construction manager for your CAPEX projects can prove a significant time saver throughout the build. CMs are able to resolve conflict and streamline communication, preventing the engineering team from enduring constant interruptions that disrupt output. Entrusting your build to a skilled CM partner streamlines execution, accelerates problem resolution, and relieves the burden on the engineering team and other key stakeholders, enabling them to focus on their other tasks and responsibilities.

Perry Construction Management's CM solutions drive value, efficiency, and productivity across every CAPEX milestone. Contact us today to hear more about our proven construction manager approach.

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