Perry Construction Management
Ensures Client Success with
Superior Construction Service and Support

Meet Carl, the plant engineering manager who needs help 
executing capital projects

PCM makes his job a snap

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The Strong Foundation Approach is our

Proven Process that helps clients Achieve

Project Success 

Specialized Services for 
Private and Public Construction Projects  

Hiring one of us gets all of us.

The collective knowledge and experience of our entire company is available to every client and project. Across the team we have completed nearly every type of construction project. Should a project require something that is new to the Construction Manager onsite they simply tap into our team's knowledge base and get the help they need. As servant leaders we do what it takes to deliver a successful project. Everyone on our team shares responsibility and no task is too complex or too small.

We set a win/win environment for clients and contractors.

Team work is essential to every project and the most successful projects have a positive, collaborative environment.

Before every project begins an execution plan is created from information captured from the project owner. Roles and responsibilities are documented and communicated.

Every morning a meeting is held to create alignment and ensure accountability, setting the stage for a winning outcome.

Managing your complexity is our specialty.

We manage construction projects of every size and complexity. Multi-stage, multi-layered, multi-location projects are no problem; in fact, they are our specialty. Many - most - Project Managers and Engineering Managers simply do not have enough time in a day to keep track of all the moving parts involved with a complex plant upgrade or automation project. Sure, they could do it but the smart move is to bring in an expert to manage the daily tasks and details and hold them accountable for results. That's what we do best: ensure that the project manager and entire project is a success.



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